For the past several years in my prayer time at the end of December, God has given me a specific word for the upcoming year. It has been interesting to see how significant that word was throughout the year. This year God gave me the word “NEW” and, with that He gave me a glimpse of what some of those new things would be.

  • New Year – this one seems obvious but only on the surface. I knew we were beginning a new year but I have yet to see all that is hidden beneath the surface.
  • New jobs – we are still with Precept Ministries International. However, as of the beginning of the year we are now on the Social Media Team in the Marketing Department. You got it, all things are new as we learn all about Facebook, Twitter and other social media forums.
  • New blognew look, new posts and hopefully new followers. Unfortunately it has taken me 4 months to roll it out, but here and it is new to you!
  • New milestones – anniversaries, stages of life, new life etc.

So here we are, it is April 1, 2012, the beginning of a new month. Today just happens to be our 35th Anniversary (the first day of a new year of marriage) – a new milestone in our journey! It is also the day I am launching my new blog.

As we launch I want to share the newest addition to our family! I would like to introduce you to Luci Catherine Capp. This picture was taken about 8 hours after she was born.

I Love Luci!

Luci Catherine Capp
6lbs 9 ozs
20 1/2 inches long
Was born March 28, 2012

Luci’s due date was originally April 18. Kristi had some problem with swelling, the doctor watched her for a while before determining to go ahead and induce. So on Tuesday, March 27th mommy was admitted to the hospital to prepare for “baby” Capp’s arrival.

Kristi and Brad had decided they didn’t want to know what baby Capp’s sex was until born. They had chosen a few names too, but wanted to wait and see which one fit the baby before naming them. Auntie Jessi was beside herself not knowing the name or the sex of the baby so in true Jessi fashion she nicknamed the baby “Mae Mobley” after the baby on the movie The Help, much to daddy’s dismay.

After a very long day Kristi began to run a fever and “Baby Capp” became a little distressed so the doctor decided to do a c-section. About 8:45 pm little Luci made her entrance into the world. She did not cry as she was delivered, in fact she didn’t breathe on her own and needed some help from the nurses and doctor. Because she didn’t breathe at first and concern for infection, Luci had to stay in the NICU for a couple of days. Saturday afternoon mommy and baby were released from the hospital and daddy drove them home.

I hope you will come back often in the days ahead and see what other new things God has in store this year. I love seeing old friends and l can’t wait to meet new friends as well.


I almost forgot something very important! Because today is Palm Sunday I am going to post the first reading of the Holy Week readings today as well. I don’t want to bombard you with stuff, but I hope you will read the various blogs for the week as you prepare you heart for Easter, Resurrection Day, next Sunday. Look for it a little later today!

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