Hi, I’m BJ and I’m glad you stopped by and checked out my blog! I am very passionate about:

  • Seeing my generation and the generation behind me making Christ known to all who see their lives. All throughout the Bible you see the phrase so they will know that I am God and I am convinced we are to do just that.
  • Seeing others engage Jesus in Bible study and in life. I love connecting with people and seeing them connect with God in such a way that He invades every aspect of their life.
  • Teaching the word in a way people understand it and their lives are transformed. There is nothing like the look of hope reflected in their eyes when they get it.
  • Loving God and Loving others after all, isn’t that what it is all about?
BJ Lawson with her husband, David

BJ Lawson with her husband, David

BJ is an author and speaker who is passionate about making Christ known to all, teaching the Word in a way people understand it so that their lives are transformed.

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