Reaching India One Girl at a Time!

Reaching India One Girl at a Time!

Become, Hope and Help International

Reaching India One Girl at a Time

Two years ago I had the privilege of going to India at the request of my daughter, Jessi, to do a conference for girls called Become. God birthed Become in Jessi’s heart for the girls she had under her care as Director of Girl’s Ministry and held it annually for 6 years.

The conference is called Become because the idea is to teach young ladies to “Become” Who God designed them to be. The first year conference, Become, walks through Ephesians 1 and looks at who they are and what they have in Christ. Each year a word was added that summed up that year’s theme.

  • Become Still – Resting in the Lord
  • Become Free – Forgiveness
  • Become Love – Loving God and Loving people
  • Become Grown
  • Become One – Sexual Purity

Let’s back up a bit and I’ll tell you how Become ended up in India and how it relates to what I am doing there.

The Birth of  Become

In 2010 Jessi went to India as part of a team who was doing a Youth Conference with Hope and Help International. While there God birthed a vision in her heart and confirmed it as she spoke with others. She was to do a conference just for girls, many of  which without intervention are at risk for human trafficking. Conferences of this type are not done in India. In fact the Director of Veda school had been praying for someone to come and do just that! :)

That vision was multi faceted. It included:

• Taking the Become Conference to girls in India

• Taking some of her senior girls to minister to Indian girls and have the opportunity to see God’s work outside of    their context.

• Equipping nationals to make this an annual event that they owned

• Me going as her main session speaker :)

How cool is it, that you daughter wants you to co-labor together?  (more…)

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