People are NOT for Sale!

People are NOT for Sale!

END IT,Shine a light on slavery,human traffikking

Each February  many Shine a Light on Slavery. They will be donning a red X on their hand, taking a selfie showing their red X, posting it on their social media pages and tagging it #enditmovement, to let everyone know that slavery still exists and they won’t be a part of it!

Why? Because they want to be a part of something larger than themselves and they want to make a difference in the world! We want slavery to end!

END IT  is a great organization and many influential people are building their teams to help raise money to make others aware. Their Coalition Partners are working to bring AWARENESS, PREVENTION, RESCUE, and RESTORATION.

Did you know?

 Estimates say 21-36 million people are enslaved worldwide!

Slavery: being forced to work without pay, under the threat of violence, and being unable to walk away.

Slavery is a $160 billion industry

78% of slavery victims are in labor slavery

22% of slavery victims are in sex slavery

55% of slavery victims are women and girls

45% of slavery victims are men and boys

26% of slavery victims are children under the age of 18

Slavery wears many faces: debt bondage, bonded labor, organ harvesting, domestic slaves, sex slaves, child labor

India has the largest number of people in slavery – 14 million!

 A couple of years ago Senator Bob Corker enlisted Peyton Manning, Todd Helton and his Chief of Staff (and friend of ours) Todd Womack.

Senator Bob Corker,Todd Womack,Peyton Manning,Todd Helton,End It

As a matter of fact in 2015 Senator Bob Corker announced a bold, bipartisan legislation to create a focused, sustained effort to eliminate sexual and labor slavery worldwide, the End Slavery Initiative. (You will want to click on this link and share it) He isn’t simply putting a red X on his hand and posting selfies, he’s taking action!,David Lawson,Bj Lawson,End It, slavery,precept ministries

Hope and Help International is also taking action! We are on the ground in South Asia working to prevent slavery of all kinds. Don’t miss future posts where I will highlight some of the ways we are participating in this global movement to abolish slavery.

So, you’re sporting a red X on your hand, you have posted your selfie making your friends and the world aware of slavery and the need to abolish it. Now what are you going to do?

Good intentions don’t change things. Be intentional, take action!

Join the fight by helping us change lives and bring hope to those in India, by helping those who can’t help themselves! For more information

Kavya – A Real Life Rescue and Redemption Story

Kavya – A Real Life Rescue and Redemption Story

Kavya’s story is a beautiful picture of Gods love and redemption. As an 8 year old, Kavya has no idea yet how much God loves her and what she has been rescued from. But, I totally believe that God has a plan for this fearless, outgoing, lovable little girl. Kavya captures the hearts of all she comes in contact with. In fact her story begins with a heart that fell in love at first sight.

In 2009 Stephanie came with a team to India to do Kids Camp with children from the Veda School, when she fell deeply in love with a 4 year old named Kavya. Stephanie told her mother all about this cute little boy in the turquoise plaid shirt and shorts with a cute short hair cut. He seemed to have picked her out for his very own too, he stuck to her during the entire camp like glue!


About halfway through camp Stephanie mentioned the little boy to Prem, one of the national partners. “What is his name?” Prem inquired. Kavya! “Kavya is a girl’s name Stephanie.” “No, this Kavya is a boy!” She replied adamantly. He had someone take her and check her out. The verdict came back, “Yes, Kavya was definitely a girl!” Stephanie was not yet convinced and questioned Dolly if Kavya was a girls name, to which she replied that it was. Dolly had her checked and once again it was determined that Kavya was definitely a little girl!

Stephanie and her mother bought her a dress, which she wore every day of camp. (it was her only dress). They were inseparable as though joined at the hip. Stephanie would lovingly call her Kavyavyavia and she would flash a smile as big as Texas and call Stephanie Akka (big sister). (more…)

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