The Day of Two Dawns

The Day of Two Dawns

Yesterday, August 21, 2017, was the day we have all been waiting for thanks to the Media, Marketing, and Mayhem we’ve all been caught up in for weeks now!

We were told that the event won’t be the same if you have not secured the coveted eclipse glasses, Sun Chips, Moon Pies, and weathered lines nearly ½ mile long in order to receive the prize of the Krispy Kreme “eclipse donut”!

That morning as I faced the eastern sky and watched the light punch through the darkness, I was reminded how God, our Creator, spoke light into total darkness for the very first time. In the beginning on that very first day, before our Creator – the Ruler of all heaven and earth spoke, the earth was shapeless and barren. Before He spoke the words, Let there be lights in the in the heavens to separate the day and the night. The light of His Son illumined the world.

On the fourth day of creation God spoke again and this time the sun, moon and stars took their place in the heavens. Their job was to serve as lights on the earth, as signs for men, for seasons and days and years. And it was done, just as God said.

Each day God pours out His grace, as the dawn punches through the darkness, by reminding us that He is our Creator and that He is the One True God who rules over the heavens and the earth! (Amos 5:8)

Fast forward to the afternoon. Before our very eyes as we watched with our glasses, the moon eclipsed the sun. We didn’t realize it was happening at first, everything “seemed” like any other day. But at the appointed time we looked up and there it was! The moon was beginning to cross the sun! The light began to change, as the moon seemingly wiped it away. Then as if on cue the birds stopped singing and the cricket chorale began their song as the solar charged yard lights came on.

Then as the song began to fade a second dawn began to rise. As we watched the light beginning to shine once again, the Word of God becomes more certain. (2 Peter 1:19)

I was reminded that the world is covered by the darkness of sin and we must shine the light of the gospel into the dark corners of the world!

We need to pay attention to those in the darkness that surrounds us, and shine the light. When the light of the Gospel is darted into the dark understanding of the blind mind by the Holy Spirit, then the spiritual day dawns and the day-star arises in that soul! The illuminating of a dark unenlightened mind is like the day-break that infuses itself throughout the whole soul.

The world began with man knowing God. But man, turned from the truth and rejected God!

From the very beginning God had a plan. Before He ever created man God created an environment filled with everything man would ever need or desire. God not only physically revealed Himself to man, but God also revealed Himself through what He made, His creation. From that point on man knows there is a God, because of what he sees in the world around him, who had the wisdom to plan and the power to create! (Romans 1:20)

The eclipse revealed the glory of God to man!

Take these thoughts captive and in the days and weeks ahead when the conversation turns to the wonder of the eclipse, use it to either

  • encourage and comfort your brother, reminding him that God is still on His throne in the midst of the darkness and He is making Himself known to all who are watching.
  • or shine the light of the Gospel into darkness of the mind with whom you are in conversation! Knowing that when you do Jesus will arise in their heart with healing in His wings!

In the busyness of our lives it is easy to miss God through His creation.

The eclipse captivated us because it was extraordinary. However, God can be seen in the ordinary as well, we just have to train ourselves to look for His handiwork. When you see it use it as a platform to make God known to those around you, hopefully making it a day of two dawns for those who are in darkness!

Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.         (1 Timothy 1:17)

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