Recently my friend Robin asked me to be a guest writer for her blog Robin is a fabulous writer, in fact I learn something from her every time I read one of her blogs. I want to write like her when I grow up. You will want to subscribe to her blog too!

The topic assigned was to share some insights on age and aging as a woman in her fifties. I thought I would share it with you too.,women in their fifties,on age and aging

30 is the new 50? OMG, I hope not!

I used to think you were middle aged when you turned 50, until my then teenage daughter pointed out that 35 or 40 was a more accurate definition of middle aged. “After all, Mom, how many people do you know that live to be 100?” I might not have been thankful for this comment at the time, she does have a good point.

We live in a society where everyone – male and female – feels the pressure to be younger than they are! I’ve seen recent headlines that 70 is the new 50, 60 is the new 40 and 50 is the new 30!

Honestly, I can’t keep up and I really don’t want to. I’m happy to be my age and this is why:

At 30, I knew it all — at 50 I’m aware of how little I actually know.

At 30, I was in bondage to what others thought of me — at 50 I’m content in who He’s made me.

At 30, life was one big drama — at 50 I choose to be drama free.

At 30, I talked to hear myself talk — at 50 I actually have something to say.

At 30, life flew by without slowing down — at 50 I’ve learned its ok to stop and smell the roses.

At 30, I lived as though life would never end — at 50 I am keenly aware that I have more yesterdays than tomorrows.

At 30, I lived to survive the day — at 50 I am more intentional about how I live my today and tomorrow.

At 30, small things pushed me over the edge — at 50 I actually look over the edge for the small things.

At 30, I wondered what was next — at 50 – I’ve learned to embrace this moment.

At 30, I needed to be loved — at 50 I am more aware how much others need to be loved.

At 30, I had friends — at 50 I understand the meaning of true friends and how valuable they are.

At 30, I was quick to judge others — at 50 I am more aware of my need for grace.

At 30, I lacked confidence — at 50 I am confident – I have something to offer those women who come behind me!


In my fifties, I am a member of one of the largest groups in the Western world. I’ve come to realize that only a few things are really important. I’ve learned to take life seriously, and to laugh at myself.

I am content, confident, and catching my second wind – courageously, positively embracing the fact that I am 50 something and using it as a platform to change the world!

I am Quintastic! (50 and Fantastic!)


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