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A couple of years ago my word for the New Year was Intentional. Although I have a new word for this year (which I will share with you in another post) I learned how important it is to be intentional about life. The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a great time to evaluate where you’ve been and where you are going. In order to be the most effective in 2013 I must: take a look back, ask myself some questions, evaluate the answers, tweak my direction if need be, and move forward according to God’s leading.

So, as I look back to 2012 here are some things I am considering:

• What were the most important events of 2012 and how did they affect me?

• Where did I see significant growth in my life this past year? Was it connected to any of the events above? If so, how?

• In what ways did I see God’s faithfulness?

• Is there anything I need to confess and put behind me?

• Are there any relationships that need reconciliation?

• What things did I do well in the past year?

• Taking the answers to these questions into consideration what changes, if any, do I need to make in the New Year?

As I move into the new year and begin a new chapter in my journey filled with new opportunities, new learning experiences, new relationships etc. I ask myself questions like the following as I move forward:

• What key areas of personal growth do I need to focus on this year?

• What do I need to do to keep from becoming stagnant in my spiritual life, marriage, family and professional life in the coming year?

• How will I respond when God gently begins to direct me in specific areas of my life?

• What 3 specific things do I need to accomplish in my professional life this year?

• What is my plan to stay on track in all of these areas?

If you take this exercise seriously it will take time. However, it will be time well spent and in the long run you will not only gain back your valuable time, but you will make a greater impact than you would have, had you not done this in the beginning of the year.

Whether you are young, middle age or old, live intentionally! Don’t waste the time God has given you. Take the time to reflect on last year before moving full speed ahead into the new year and you will be more effective and make a greater impact than you ever imagined!

I would love to hear from you! Send me your thoughts, your personal tweaks/plans, etc.

Have a happy and impactful New Year!

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